Hi! This is where I’ll be posting everything I write for NaNo. This is the very first draft, so there will probably be a lot of SPaG errors; I’ll likely catch them on rewrite, but feel free to mention them, anyway. Comments on anything else are appreciated, too. That includes critiques of both style and content. (Unless you’re trying to tell me how the real life university this isn’t really based on works; I’ll probably ignore those.)



You know how sometimes you move to Minnesota to study superhero biology and then you argue with some jerk classmate about the ethical obligations of fighting crime and then you end up with superpowers? Anyway, our intrepid hero did, and ended up Minnesota’s most famous (only) superhero. Minnesota does not have interesting supervillains. The main one is called Villain, that’s how few they have. Of course, that does mean there’s plenty of time for homework, so there’s that.

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(Set in the same universe as White Hat Complex)


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